This is some of the equipment that you will see on the Solid Surface factory layout page.  

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Solid Surface Vacuum Blender
Solid Surface Stainless Steel Mold Vibrating Tables Gantry
Vacuum Blender

Stainless Steel Mold

Vibrating Tables


Pot Tamer to move matrix to mold
Gantry type pouring system Scissor Lift to move molds into storage racks Storage Racks
Pot Tamer

Gantry-Pouring Matrix

Guiderails Scissor Lift

Storage Racks

Demold Conveyor Staging
Dust Collection System
Solid Surface Sink Curing Oven Flat Sheet and Sink Curing Oven
Demold/Conveyor Line Dust Collection System Curing Oven Curing Oven