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Solid Surface
This site pertains to manufacturing Solid Surface.  If you are more interested in establishing a Cultured Marble factory, please visit our other site at

Whether you are planning on producing a few pieces of solid surface a day or establishing a large volume factory, we can supply your equipment needs. 
The solid surface market is growing larger every day. Consumers realize the many advantages of solid surface materials over natural marble and ceramic tile. Stain resistance & low maintenance are a few reasons people prefer solid surface.
In the Factory Layout link above, you will see a drawing of a solid surface factory layout with a description of the equipment required to support a solid surface factory.  My other site for Cultured Marble Manufacturing grew so big that I decided had to make a separate site pertaining to Solid Surface only. If you want to learn more about starting a cultured marble shop, go to There is a world of information there and you will learn everything you need to know to start a cultured marble factory.
I’m seeing an especially big demand for solid surface kitchen and bathroom sinks in addition to flat sheets.   When you do your research on solid surface kitchen sinks, you’ll see that you can realize some great profit margins. The one-piece integral kitchen sink concept is growing, but the supply market has not kept up.
Another growing market for solid surface is in the hotel/motel industry. It is common to see a solid surface modular size vanity top or a countertop with an undermount solid surface bowl in hotel bathrooms. The reason for this increase in solid surface is they realize the low maintenance costs for the vanity tops in the hotel rooms. If they get damaged by the many hotel guests, they can simply sand out any damaged areas rather than replacing the vanity tops and/or the bowls. The same applies to the common areas in the hotel, including the hotel front desk, restaurants, lobby areas, and restrooms.
Kitchen countertops are generally 25" deep. Flat stainless steel molds are available in various sizes, and there are also molds with the built-in backsplash available in various sizes, ranging from 19" to 30". Be sure to check out the various sizes and style of kitchen sink molds as well as the undermount bathroom bowl molds and the modular sink molds.
When you have questions regarding the opportunities in manufacturing cultured marble or solid surface, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an e-mail.

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